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Meet Becky​​.


Becky M.

Blogger, Creative, Epicure, Foodie, Art-enthusiast, Family-lover

The collection of recipes you find on mysizzlingaffair are inspired by the people who mean most to me, my family and friends, and also through my broad travels, experiences and creative passions. I learned to love the art of cooking at at early age, assisting my mom in the kitchen, helping prepare for large Jewish Holiday gatherings and by creating personal recipe logs. During my teens I moved to Switzerland with my family, exploring and relishing in the Cuisines of Europe. Not long afterwards I married the love of my life, and took an interest in Middle Eastern and Far East cooking.  Today I focus a portion of my day on producing nourishing healthy meals, all influenced through my life experiences and most importantly by the very special people in my life.  My thought is a good meal, full of nutrition, color, spice and flavor will boost, brighten and restore your day.

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